Romantic Getaway For Couples In Missoula

If you are looking to book a unique and romantic getaway with the one you love, then a destination such as Missoula, Montana might be just what you are looking for. While that area might not seem synonymous with romance, there are actually some really amazing places to see and things to do there that will bring you and your lover closer together. The following is a list of some of these fun and fascinating Missoula-based things that are sure to spark a closer intimacy.

The Carousel

A Carousel for Missoula is a popular local attraction. It is an old-fashioned merry go round that was created by a local artisan. It is fast and fun and very unlike anything you will find anywhere else. This could be a wonderful place to make some memories, take some excellent pictures, and possibly pull out one of the engagement rings you have been looking at. Amid all that fun and romance, your better half will highly likely say yes to your proposal.


The local flora and fauna in this area are breathtaking. There are lake trails, mountain trails, sandy trails, river trails, and so much more. Whatever landscape you are looking for, Missoula is sure to provide you with the perfect hiking and picnic trail. This is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life and spend some time alone with your beloved and nature.

Smoke Jumper Visitors Center

In such a forested area, the local fire departments have a very different approach to controlling the fires that break out. You can learn all about that at the Smoke Jumpers Visitor Center. This is a specialized museum where you can learn all about the experience and meet the people who keep the area safe. While this might not scream love, it is certainly something that will stand out in her memory. Try something new and exciting, and make sure she knows that she sets your heart on fire.

Themed Hotels

Missoula is home to some lovely and quaint hotels and bed n breakfast locations. Most are locally owned and operated, and cater mostly to couples looking to come closer together. They can help create the perfect setting for you to strengthen your relationship, and maybe even take it to the next level. There are large chains and small converted homes, so you are sure to find an option that fits your needs.

Garnet Ghost Town

What better way to truly be alone with your significant other than to head to a fascinating ghost town. You will be able to walk through this old and abandoned town that is well-maintained. There are no shops or commercial enterprises; so you will be all on your own with whatever food and supplies you bring in. It can be very romantic and the solitude can lead to some deep and important conversations.

Let Montana set the scene for your next couples adventure. There is romance to be had anywhere, but the natural beauty and openness of Missoula, Montana is something really special. Book your trip now to make memories and spend some time alone with the one you love.