How to Save Money When You’re Surfing the Web to Kill Time

Now more than ever, saving money when shopping online and in-stores is crucial. Many people have not seen their incomes rise with the increase in the cost of living, making it more difficult with each passing year to make ends meet. While this dynamic isn’t necessarily new, the problem is becoming more difficult for individuals and families.

Thankfully, technology is also fueling new trends in shopping, with one of these trends relating to saving money on the products and services you already purchase. For those who are willing to spend a bit of time researching and/or working for it, massive savings across virtually every industry can be enjoyed. All it takes is a bit of dedication.

Virtually everybody spends at least some time dithering around online with nothing to do. There are a number of ways you can make this time more productive and ultimately save you money. Today, let’s look at some methods that can generate huge savings for you when browsing the web.

Grab Samples for Free

In everyday life, there are hundreds of individual products that we consume, use, and are otherwise in need of from time to time. While it can be easy to run to the nearby store and pick up what we need, there are some options available online that can save you money.

There are websites like this that provide free samples for a plethora of products; from household goods to gift cards and apparel, spending a bit of time looking for free product samples and trial versions can actually pay off in time. While you can’t be too selective when browsing available samples, you’ll undoubtedly find products that you can put to good use, thereby saving money.

Get Paid to Browse

Sometimes, something for nothing can seem too good to be true. However, those who are already killing time by surfing the web can actually focus that energy into a variety of tasks that earn money. There are a variety of websites and businesses out there that will actually pay you to surf the web, performing various functions that they require.

Some platforms, such as Inbox Dollars, provide users with cash simply for watching videos. Entities such as YouGov and Opinion Outpost have a plethora of clients who need feedback; you can answer simple questionnaires and surveys while being paid for it. Other platforms provide credits for performing basic tasks such as conducting searches, while some entities use your mobile browsing data and behavior, collect it, and compensate you in the process.

While no single example is likely to provide you a full-time income anytime soon, combining a variety of these into a broader effort can add up over time.

Use Browser Extensions

When wasting time on the internet, it’s hard to say that any money or savings offered isn’t worth your time. Many businesses understand the value of consumer data, and as such are willing to pay for it from individuals directly. You’ll find browser extensions that contribute to a personal account for actions as simple as browsing the web, performing searches, and collecting basic information.

Even more prevalent are the browser extensions that automatically search for good deals. Whenever you’re shopping, add-ons such as Honey can detect what you’re looking at, search the web for better deals, and alert you if you’re not making the best decision. Likewise, several coupon browser add-ons can also be useful in alerting you whenever a coupon is available for a particular brand or product.

Sign Up, Subscribe & Like

Last but not least, there are a variety of brands and online businesses that value social media attention and lead generation. Next time you’re shopping, take a careful look at the brand’s website. Many offer discounts if you subscribe for updates via email, create an account or share/like content on social media.

These discounts and coupon codes are often good for one time only, but they can nevertheless lower the amount you spend on select online products by a meaningful amount.

If you’re just wasting time online, then you have nothing to lose by embracing these money-saving strategies. Whether it’s earning money in absolute terms or simply saving on purchases you’d make anyway, these four solutions can be immensely helpful in keeping your budget in check.