5 Dissertations of 2019 That Will Change The World

When choosing a topic for your dissertation, there are some important points to keep in mind. With so much experience so far, this is probably the most important task one will tackle during student life. It is important that you make the right choice of a topic. A dissertation should be a clear argument for a central thesis or question. In this paper, it is a must to demonstrate your ability to work independently, research, and provide methodological research to support your point of view.

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1. Media relations issues dissertation

Internet as an audience – an analysis of major social media platforms.

With the active growth of many social media platforms and their major contribution in business, political and social PR it is important to notice the diminishing effect from old means of communication with the public, like TV and newspapers. This dissertation analyzes how 4 major social media platforms(Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit) have grown their influences, whose agendas they serve and how they will totally destroy older instruments of PR that are not as vital today.

2. Housing market business dissertation

Rating of subprime mortgages in California: a five-year report

This dissertation examines three new neighborhoods in San Francisco that were particularly affected by the high-risk crisis and criticized the existing strength of their real estate markets. Therefore, this thesis not only examines the impact of the collapse of five years ago but also uses first-hand evidence in the form of interviews with estate agents, sellers and buyers to provide a detailed market analysis. The main question that appears is “How far are we from the next collapse of the housing market?”.

3. Psychology dissertation

The role of play therapy for traumatized children: a study on NHS use.

The role of play therapy in assessing the needs of traumatized children, especially in sexual abuse, is well known. In this work, we try to combine game theory with practice by observing a series of game therapy sessions at a children’s hospital in Manchester. The one question we try to answer by the end of these sessions is what kind of play therapy gives the most effective result and how to scale it on a larger group of children.


Choosing the right topic for the dissertation is the one part that really shouldn’t be rushed. It can take lots of time but will eventually pay off as you come close to answering important questions that you’ve put yourself.