Don’t Let Poor Planning Crash Your Party This St. Patrick’s Day

Increased law enforcement will be on alert in and around the Missoula area this St. Patrick’s Day weekend to deter and detect drunk drivers. The Montana Highway Patrol will also be patrolling statewide for impaired drivers. No matter how short or far the distance, do not risk impaired travel to and from your festivities.  Before you celebrate, have a responsible plan for how you will get home.

Getting caught drinking and driving is more than inconvenient. In Montana, if you are pulled over driving with a BAC of .08 or higher, you will be arrested for DUI have your license revoked, be required to attend classes, pay up to $10,000 in fines, and possibly receive jail timei .The consequences are more severe for repeat offenders.

“Making the right decision takes one moment,” said Sergeant Greg Amundsen. “With all the options of sober, safe transportation available by phone or at the touch of an app, people have no excuse for driving while impaired. Stay vigilant and proactive.”  In Missoula you can use Home Free, Yellow Cab, Green Taxi, U-Dash, UBER and LYFT.  In 2017, impaired drivers were involved in 60% of all fatal crashes in Montana.ii

Be aware that even if you are traveling out of town, increased patrols throughout the state begin Thursday and will last through the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Montana law enforcement is specially trained to detect impaired drivers. Know that if you drink and drive, you will be caught. If you suspect a driver is impaired, call 911 to alert the patrols in your area.