How Yurt Housing differs from a Traditional Home

Yurt Living – an Alternative to Traditional Housing – and the Tiny House.

Buying a home can be an expensive, lengthy process, and the rent for an apartment is looking increasingly more like mortgage payments without any of the benefits of home ownership. However, there is an increasing number of housing alternatives, tiny homes, and other living arrangements that are both modern and affordable.

If you are handy, you can purchase a fixer-upper. These homes are typically much cheaper and easier to purchase as they are often in terrible shape and need a lot of work. Purchasing an acre of land and a fixer-upper can be a big project for some, but in the long-term, it is an economical option. It is also a great way to help you build the house of your dreams without the hefty price tag.

Other options include small shelters that you may not have originally thought of as a home. These include outbuildings, RVs and even shipping containers converted into homes. Some of these tiny homes may not be best for those with large families. Depending on your local building codes, these alternatives can be equipped with every necessary modern amenity, although it will take some planning and an engineer’s expertise.

One increasingly popular alternative housing option is living in a yurt. Traditionally a temporary, circular tent structure used by the nomadic Mongolian people, it was introduced in the U.S. in the late 1970s as an alternative to traditional housing. Initially, these shelters were poorly insulated without the option of electricity or indoor bathrooms. However, yurts can now be equipped with every modern amenity for truly comfortable and eco-friendly living.

Some advantages of Yurt Homes include the low cost of materials, and for most people, it can be assembled by a handy homeowner and a few friends. Once you’ve secured some land, and the proper permits, a Yurt Kit can be delivered and the yurt can be established.

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