Wedding Planning on a Budget

Getting married is something that many people look forward to doing at some point. When the time finally does come, however, it can be somewhat overwhelming. The reason for this is that planning a wedding is a lot of work and can be time-consuming as well. Additionally, when you add up the cost of the different vendors, your clothes for the day and a honeymoon, you can be left wondering how anyone can afford to get married. Nevertheless, the truth is that there are cheaper, although less conventional ways to get married. If you’d be interested in knowing what they are, continue reading this article.

Set a Realistic Budget

The first ideal stepping in planning a wedding on a budget is to set one that’s realistic. Think about what you can afford to spend by evaluating your budget and looking at how much disposable cash you have. Also, remember that you don’t have to pay for your wedding all at once and you can spread out your payments instead. When you’re putting together a wedding budget, don’t forget costs like gratuity, gifts for your wedding party and the cleanup crew.

Have a Destination Wedding

Did you know that having a destination wedding could work out significantly cheaper than if you had one at home? This is because, for starters, you’d be able to dramatically reduce the number of guests as everyone won’t be able to fly out.

Think about a Mexico destination wedding as it’s a beautiful country with a rich and alluring culture. Aside from this, it’s an ideal destination if you want sun, sand, and seas as well as delicious food.

Go Minimal with Flowers

Flowers are pretty to look at, but they can be expensive to buy. For this reason, to stay within your wedding budget, you should go easy on the flowers and avoid getting too many. If you insist on getting fresh flowers for weddings, perhaps mix them with artificial ones to balance out the cost. In case you’re worried about what people think, it’s unlikely that they’ll even notice, especially if the venue looks stunning.

Do Digital Invites

One of the perks of being part of the digital age is that you aren’t expected to print everything. These days, it is becoming socially acceptable to send invites electronically as opposed to making physical ones. Having said that, find a graphic designer who can throw together a chic invitation design for you and send them out via email. You could even design them on your own using a website like Canva. You don’t have to have over the top designs skills to do so and it will cost close to nothing.

Stock the Bar Yourself

One of the things that can eat into your pocket when planning a wedding is alcohol. To reduce this cost, stock the bar on your own instead of outsourcing it. Try shopping online for wholesalers who will give you a discount for buying in bulk. Other ways to reduce alcohol costs would be to serve beer and wine only, limit your open bar hours and put a bottle of wine on every table.

Rent Your Clothes

People are becoming far more open to the idea of renting their wedding dresses or tuxedos for their wedding day. The reality is that unless you have plans on getting married twice in the same dress, you probably aren’t going to wear it again. There are tons of used wedding clothes you can get as well if you’d prefer that option to renting.