20 Back to School Tips for Parents


A new school year means new experiences and academic expectations for your child. It is good to hear parents telling their school going children to work hard and achieve better in the next semester or graduation year. However, many parents do not put into consideration that their support is necessary for the better performance of the students.

Here are some back to school tips for parents who want their students to do well in their academics:

1. Talk to Your Child Regarding the New School Year:

Having a healthy conversation about the upcoming school session with your kids will help both of you prepare well for their better. Let them be excited about the new stuff they will learn instead of being scared. During the talk, ensure you know what materials they will need and support them.

2. Be Informed about the School Disciplinary Policy:

Each school has their own disciplinary rules. They may include them in the student’s handbook. Read the policy to your child, so they are aware of what they are expected to be. Let them also know that it is your responsibility to ensure they are well-mannered and that you will support the school administration to execute any punishment laid out in case the student breaks the rules.

3. Ensure You Help them Have Enough Rest:

Students need to have enough sleep so that they can pay attention to what they learn in class. Students who sleep less suffer and their general grades drastically drop. During the school season, ensure there is no television, phones, or laptop in the student’s bedroom. If they have to study with the gadgets, let them use them in your presence and have them shut down for bed before it gets late.

4. Prepare Homework Timetables:

After school, the students may encounter various tasks that they have to accomplish before the day ends. As a parent, you should help your children to ensure that they accomplish the homework they were given before they get to other chores. In case there is anything they cannot handle, guide them through and be of encouragement.

5. Advise the Teachers on Student Potentials and Weaknesses:

From the beginning of the school year, let the student’s teachers know their weaknesses and their strengths. For instance, if they are good at Math but dislike writing. By letting them know the condition of the student, the teachers will be in a better position to help the student develop positive attitudes that will help them become better performers.

6. Make Your Expectations Regarding the Student Academic Performance Clear:

Do not be afraid to let the student know that you expect exemplary performance in the school year. Having done your part as a supportive parent, let the student also prove their strengths and make you proud by bringing good grades.

7. Encourage Your Children to Be Active in Extracurricular Activities:


These activities are beneficial for the student in various ways. Let them know the importance of being participants in as many school activities as they can. Help them switch their thinking to create time for the same. For instance, having help from the cheap essay writing service is one way of creating time for the extracurricular activities without absconding classwork duties.

8. Help Your Children Set Their Academic Goals:

One school tip you can teach your children is to have goals for every academic year or semester. Students should be clear about what they want to achieve every school season. In this way, they can study and do their revision while addressing the specific goals. Studies aimed at fulfilling goals help students become better performers compared to those who just study randomly.

9. Address Negative Behavior and Bad Grades Wisely:

We have parents who are good at scolding and hitting their children when they do not perform well on a given subject. If you are a caring parent, you should use the student’s failure or mistake to teach them to improve. Let them know that people learn from mistakes. But do not encourage them to repeat mistakes, rather ensure they avoid everything possible that would land them in the same error.

10. Be a Member of the School Organizations, Like PTA:

Networking with positively minded parents will help you learn back to school tips from those who have experience in school matters. These organizations also help teachers to instill discipline and better education for the students.

11. Make Learning Fun for the Students:

By making learning look fun, students will enjoy the lesson while mastering every step they make, and this will allow them to remember the concept long afterward. For instance, if the students learn a new skill at school, and they want to practice it at home, support them, and provide any necessary materials.

Make sure to check out these effective strategies and make this process as interesting as it can possibly be. This will spark their passion in learning and encourage them to do well academically.

12. Parental Attention is Necessary:

So you are a busy parent. Maybe it is the first week of school, and you are up and down to raise the school fees and meet other financial needs of the family. Regardless of working hard to raise the family, do not forget that your children need you at home after school.

Each evening, you can have your children read to you what they wrote in school. You may also tell them motivational and educative stories so that they grow knowing the importance of education. Remember students take what they learn from parents. If you show disregard for your child’s education needs or progress, they will know it is not worthwhile and pays no attention.

13. Tour Your Child’s School:

Students, including teenagers, will develop more confidence when you take your time to know the school they are attending. You can take your time during the first week of school, or at any convenient time, and accompany your child to school. Let them show you around, especially, the classroom, the school library, and laboratory.

Have a little time to talk with them about the facilities in school and how they can use them to improve their performance. Inform them about the need to be careful regarding the handling of school property.

14. Be Interrogative:

When giving instructions to your child regarding the new school year, you should avoid the commanding language. Giving freedom to them makes them learn to make choices that impact their future. However, the choices need to be positive ones.

To enhance the process, ask the students questions instead of narrating or yelling. When asking questions, avoid those that end in “yes” “no” responses. When they learn to make decisions will guide them on how to do good in school.

15. Keep Tabs on Your Children’s Friends:

There is a common saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” Friends have a huge impact on a student’s life. To help them become better, make sure they associate with like-minded people, especially students of the same grade or close. You need to be inquisitive to know everybody they hang around with. If they happen to use social media, check what they do online.

16. “Monitored Freedom” is Necessary for Students:

Great achievers have their freedom of choice. Allow the student to have their free time after they finish their homework. They can hang out with their friends even if they are doing nothing. However, this should not be the freedom to engage in illicit acts.

17. Make Adequate Transport Arrangements:

For various reasons outside the scope of this topic, students should not be taken to boarding schools. If the school is providing transportation for your kids, let them use the school bus. In cases where school bus transport is not viable, let them use public vehicles, and teach the students to board and alight at specific points. These points should be close to the school gate and home.

18. Check the Student Diet:

A few weeks before the onset of the school year, plan the students’ food and diet routine to match what it will be like during the school days. Also, ensure that each morning they have a balanced diet before leaving for school. This enhances their concentration in the morning, leading to good grades overall.

19. Shopping? Do it Together:


When shopping for your kids’ new school year supplies, it is faster to go alone. But wait! It is not ideal. You should consider taking them to the shopping center so they can see and identify the things they need. Help them to choose the necessary accessories. This will make them delighted and enthusiastic while they wait to open schools so they can use the items.

20. Shop During the Athletic Sale:

Among the back to school tips, is to shop during the athletic sales season. By doing so, you will save on the new school year expenses. You need to do this early to avoid panic as the back to school day approaches.