What Should You Never Text a Girl?

Texting a girl can be a tricky thing for certain people. Today, people text on a daily basis, there are many online dating websites and various conversations are done through texting, but of course, not all of the conversations are meant to be done through texting. There are certain situations in which you should be extremely careful of what are you texting. Texting a girl requires your full attention and you will need to have some of these rules on your mind if you are one of the people who text a lot.

  1. If you want to keep the conversation going ‘’Hi’’, ‘’Ok’’ and ‘’Yes’’ are not a way to go!

This type of text might be an answer she looked for in the first place, but if you want to keep her interest and attention, you will need to try a lot better than that. Answering your girl’s texts with just one simple word might make her think you are too busy to take time and give her a detailed answer as she deserves. This might result in her losing the interest or just giving you the same amount of details when you least expect it.

Do your best to show you have interest in a girl you are texting with, let her know your honest opinions and be a good person to have a conversation with. Girls like to have someone who listens, someone who will share their opinions and ideas without hesitation.

  1. Last minute invitations to important events

There is nothing wrong inviting your girl for a walk without having it planned ahead, but inviting her to a fancy restaurant one hour before you are supposed to be there is certainly a bad idea. Never text a girl saying she has only one hour to prepare herself for a fancy dinner.

Every girl wants to look good when going on a dinner or an important event with you, do your best to inform her about such things at least a day before you have it planned. Not only she will look stunningly beautiful, but she will also be ready to converse and have fun without having to think whether her hair looks good or if she forgot something at home.

  1. Oversexualizing everything through text messages

If you just entered a fresh relationship, make sure you do not text your girl with a bunch of sexual innuendos and jokes, while she might find them funny for a bit, it is surely not a good way to show that you care for her.

Do not oversexualize her words and try to find a double meaning in everything she says, especially if you just got into a relationship with her. There are many ways and topics for you to go with, sex can wait, show her that you are interested in her hobbies, her music taste, ask her about her pets and get to know her better.

  1. Drunk text messages are something you need to avoid at all cost!

It often happens people get drunk and all of the sudden they feel the need to reveal their emotions to the certain someone. This might be a fun thing for you while you are drunk, but in reality, it is really not fair towards the girl you are texting with.

Texting a girl while drunk might be a bad idea considering you will most likely be very sloppy with your texts, and this might make her think you are just an attention seeker or someone who cannot deal with his own emotions when sober. If you need to be drunk to say certain things, it’s better not to say them at all.

  1. An online dating website that might help you out finding that special someone!

When it comes to online dating there are certain rules you should follow as well, there is a lovely website named DoULike, here you can find a real soulmate, just like many users already have! Some of them are even happily married at the moment. For those who are still new to this ‘’online dating’’ thing, make sure you check out these 20 questions to ask while online dating.

Whether you are dating online or you are dating in real, these rules are something you should follow no matter what. If you are truly interested in a girl, make sure you show that properly. Texting a girl is not as complicated as it seems, all it takes is a little bit of care and honesty. Try to be someone she can be safe with and talk with for hours without thinking about whether you are drunk, bored, busy or not interested at all.