How to Start a Green Team at Your School

You’ve finally decided your school needs an Eco-messiah, and you’re looking into starting a green team, but you don’t know where to start? Fret not. Here, you’ll find a detailed guide on ways to make your school green. You’ll also get a few tips on how to turn your efforts into a phenomenon success similar to Harvard University’s eco-team. Before we get into all that, let’s get a few things straight.

What is a Green Team?

Before you get your band of eco superheroes together, it pays to understand the ideals on which the team is founded. A clear vision of what the team will do goes a long way in not only picking team members but also helping bring about the desired impact. Think of it this way. When the Avengers got together, they had a common goal – keeping the world safe. Understanding their common goal helps each member of the Avengers further the objectives of the team using his or her unique abilities.

In almost every aspect, your Green Team is similar to the Avengers team. Both teams come together to protect the planet. On the one hand, the Avengers fight monsters from out-of-space, while your team will fight monsters bent on killing off the planet through pollution.

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To understand the magnitude of the problem, a recent report revealed that air pollution not only kills the environment, but it kills millions of people every year. Other forms of pollution including water pollution are slowly, but surely driving the earth into a catatonic state from which our home may never come out of.

That’s where the superpowers of your Green Tam come in. Through recycling, reusing, waste reduction, and conserving our natural resources, you can help reverse the deadly degradation of the environment. In these superpowers lies the entire mandate of your Green Team.

Create Awareness

Now that you have an idea of what the team will be doing, you need to get the word out there. To get recruits, you need to make the mission of your team known. While there are a lot of ways to get the word out there, there are only a few effective ways that ensure the message gets to people who’ll contribute to your cause.

You can begin by developing an environment school within your school. Ask the administration to find college essay helper at EduZaurus to help you come up with a department dedicated towards environmental safety. You’ll be surprised to learn most school administrations are already willing to preserve the environment. With ecko schools, you get the best platform to reach out to people who share a similar desire to conserve the environment. From there, you can print out school club posters and share them around the school and in the community.

Choosing Members to Join the Green Team

You need to bring together individuals who are environmentally conscious and willing to commit themselves to the preservation of the environment. That means you’ll have to find students sensitive to the need to conserve the environment. You’ll need to recruit the procurement officers who always order eco-friendly school supplies. In short, construct your Green Team around individuals who share your passion.

Create a Plan for Your Team

Next, you need a concrete plan that draws on the superpowers of all team members. You need to research into various environment conservation practices and then decided which of these practices fits the current circumstances of your community, as well as which can maximize the potential of your team members.

The plan must also be based on goals and objectives. For instance, if your community suffers from water pollution, the plan should show members how to be more eco-friendly in regards to improving the air quality in the community. That way, you’ll be able to come up with plans and programs to implement the mandate of your Green Team. Furthermore, with a plan, you’ll be able to mobilize resources necessary to complete the environmental mission.

Planning ahead also helps identify barriers that may stand in the way of achieving environmental objectives. Once you’ve identified barriers, it becomes easier to overcome them when they do occur. Finally, planning allows you to evaluate the success of your Green Team in meeting its environmental mandate.