Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

People are often torn between wanting to know their future and being scared of knowing their future. Lots of people won’t start their day before they read their horoscope. Tarot cards are one of the tools that have been used for centuries for predictions. In modern days, they are still used and even average people can learn how to read tarot cards. With practice, our intuition and spiritual sense can guide us to better prepare ourselves for our future. But do these cards actually tell the future? That would be a yes and no answer. To know how these cards work, you would need to know more about their nature and how they are used as a tool.

The Deck

There are 78 cards in each deck. Each card is represented by a picture. Each picture means something and speaks a message that the card reader tries to understand and convey. The deck also has different suits; wands, pentacles, swords, and cups. The last characteristic is that the deck has what is called major arcana cards which are 22 cards, and minor arcana which are the remaining 56 cards. Major arcana cards deal with major life milestones, while the minor deal with our daily lives. These three characteristics are used together for a reader to receive a message to be conveyed. So where is this message coming from? This is dependent on the reader. It could be from a divine spirit of sort, an intuition that is nagging at the reader that keeps coming up to convey. The deck is a tool to be used, a guidance, if you will. Pictures on cards don’t speak any more than pictures in a magazine. But it is spiritual guidance that begins to work from the beginning with even choosing which cards land in your hands for a reading spread. The reader interprets the cards and tries to understand its messages.

When the reader sees a card that keeps popping up in readings, this could mean something and that’s where a little bit of the future might show. It could be a message that a situation might change soon, and this is especially true if it’s in the outcome cards. Most read spreads will show what the probable or possible outcome is. This helps you to get an idea of where your life is heading, and to prepare yourself for a change.

The Person Asking

Let’s say you’re going in for a card reading. You will tell the reader things you want to know about, and it is the reader who will ask his/her guidance power to reveal the answers. Having said that, you need to know that if you’re not honest with the reader or too skeptical, the reader will most likely not come up with accurate answers to your questions. It is akin to telling a doctor the wrong symptoms and expect the proper treatment. Another point for the asker to note is that very specific future telling is not possible. No reader will tell you, “You’re going to meet your future love at 8:25 AM tomorrow while you’re waiting for the bus to go to work.” But they can give you a general picture of your future love life or other matters.

The Reader

Being tired or upset or feeling a bit under the weather can affect the reading that comes out. After all, readers are only human and all of us are not that productive when we’re sick or just not feeling right. But on a good day when the reader is feeling fine and in tune with their spiritual self, truly believes in the power of the Tarots, enjoys readings, and had enough practice with the cards, you can get an exceptionally good and accurate reading. In a nutshell, the cards are only as good as the reader. A bad reader or a fraud will not come up with anything, neither in your past, present or future.

Advice and Guidance

More than predictions, the Tarots are the tool used to give you advice and guidance in your future. So many times our thoughts and mind are clouded and we can’t put things in perspective and we definitely can’t make a proper decision. A Tarot reading helps to clarify things for you and where you stand now in accordance to the matter at hand.

Tarot cards can be fun and insightful when you want to know about something concerning you and guide you on how to manage your life.