The Importance of Continuing Professional Development

Also referred to as CPD, Continuing Professional Development is a way of maintaining knowledge and skills related to your professional life. You may have spent many years gaining the qualifications for your chosen professional career, but the learning process doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there. CPD is important because it ensures you stay competent. Procedures, processes, ideas, and thinking often change, and it’s important to keep up with everything that’s new, otherwise, you risk being left behind. There are many professional organizations that insist on continuing professional development, but it is also your responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills current.

What is CPD?

A CPD combines a range of methods to learning, including training workshops, events, conferences, e-learning programs, ideas sharing, and best practices techniques. There are many different institutes and organizations that offer CPD programs. Part of the program involves recording, reviewing and reflecting on what you’ve learned. You also need to track and document the skills, knowledge, and experience you’ve gained, both formally and informally.

The Benefits of CPD

There are many benefits both for you as an individual, your employer, the public and your own career.

  • To begin with, it ensures your skills are kept in line with the current standards and your knowledge and skills allow you to deliver a professional service for customers, clients, and the community.
  • Continuing Professional Development allows you to keep your knowledge relevant and up to date. You are able to stay abreast of changing trends and directions in your profession. Valley Anesthesia, for example, offers courses that include recognized AANA Approved CEU components and certification that promotes lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Following a Continuing Professional Development Program helps you stay interested and focused. Experience counts for a lot in the workplace, but you tend to stick with what you know and have done before. A CPD program can open your mind to new possibilities, new knowledge, and challenge the way you think about things.

When you’re involved in a CPD program, you’re given the opportunity to engage and learn from others in your specialist field. This can be via online discussions or interactions with others at events or courses.

You should view your CPD as an investment in your future. It is supported by many employers by way of funding, time off or the provision of development programs. If your employer is offering such an opportunity, you should take it. Otherwise, it is possible to work on your own CPD program. Figure out what you want to learn and then look for the best way to make it happen. Think of it as a way to stay competitive in your work environment and stand out from everyone else. More and more people are becoming professionally qualified, so it’s vital you look for ways to separate yourself from the pack. Be in charge of your own career development and ambitions. Embracing CPD will also make you more confident and a more valuable employee. You’ll also find it very rewarding.