Monetized Sports: Cheering For Your Favorite Team And Earn Money Doing It

Like millions of people all around the world, getting together with friends and cheering for your favorite sports teams is a fun way to spend an afternoon. However, you can take your sports obsession to the next level and start to make money from it pretty easily.

Here’s our guide on how to make money from your favorite sport.

1. Run a fantasy league

You might hear about fantasy leagues that start their drafts at the beginning of each season, and wonder why they are so popular. The simple fact of the matter is that many people love the allure of a fantasy league because they can make some real money from it. You could start a league in order to make money in this way, even if you don’t partake in sports betting.

Income can be made from things like membership fees and website advertising. If you do want to incorporate betting into the mix, use a site like Rivalo to do this safely. As the popularity of your league increases over time, you’ll find that your income stream starts to grow.

2. Sell memorabilia

If you are a true sports fan, then you probably own a few pieces of memorabilia already. If you try and hunt down rarer items, you might find that they can bring you in a pretty penny if you sell them at auction. To make money in this way, you’ll need to scour websites like eBay to find gear, or you can hit up local thrift shops and flea markets to see what you might find. Be sure to get your items verified so that you don’t inadvertently lose money.

3. Become an online commentator

The great thing about the internet is that it gives a platform to just about anyone who wants to try their hands at new things. You could do this too by giving online commentary a go. All you have to do is record view or audio and share your knowledge of the game as it happens. There are tons of streaming platforms that will allow you to do this, like YouTube and Periscope. However, if you run your own website, you can use it to generate even more income through advertising.

4. Become a sports photographer

One of the best aspects of sports is that the photographs that go in newspapers and on websites look absolutely amazing. The sheer passion and emotion is shown clearly on the faces of the players, and they make very good subjects for photos. All you need to get started is a DSLR camera – you can pick up a mid-range one for relatively low cost – as well as a tripod and a telephoto lens. It won’t take you long to figure out how to take the perfect shot, and then all that’s left to do is shop it around to media outlets.

Watching sports is a pastime shared by many, so why not make some money from it? There are a number of innovative ways that you can pursue to make a little side cash from your favorite sport. Use our guide to help you begin this journey to start making money from sports.