Buying a Vibration Plate

Vibratory plate compactors are often used for on construction sites or places with confined working locations to compact asphalt, foundations, slopes, and soil.  Smaller units can be used for compacting pavers, gravel, and subfloors.

Commercial contractors will use a vibration plate as attachments to heavy-equipment.  These plates typically create 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of force with high power impulse rates of 2,000 to 2,100 per minute.  They are capable of compacting 1’ to 5’ of material.

When selecting compacting equipment to use on something other than dirt, consider the strength and force of the equipment.  Units that exert greater force provide more compaction.  However, select one that is appropriate for the material being compacted.  Will the machine be used on asphalt, granular, or cohesive soils?

Commercial heavy-duty vibratory plates are generally used in asphalt construction for compacting down asphalt or when working with granular soil. Mainly they are used while doing a patch job on the roadway. Vibratory plates make it easy to patch and smooth asphalt when repairing holes in the road.

Vibration plates are also used on granular soils.  The most effective way to compact granular soil is to apply vibratory energy.  The vibration will create movement between the soil particles which makes the particles all rotate in the same direction.  Once the vibration stops, the soil particles will settle into a denser arrangement.

When searching for suppliers of high-quality construction equipment, it is important that construction companies do not skimp on the quality of the equipment.  Higher quality equipment has a longer life-span and will help to minimize traffic disruptions during construction time and help to keep construction costs down.