What to Expect from a Military Funeral in Kalispell

Soldiers who dedicated their lives to serving the country can be honored with a Military Funeral in Kalispell in various traditions known as Funeral Honors.  These traditions are carried out by the Montana Army National Guard Honor Guard which consists of well-trained and dignified soldiers.  Also, at least one of the Funeral Honors will be carried out by the Army Force Belonging to the soldier. In Kalispell, there are three kinds of Funeral Honors provided, depending on the rank of the soldier:

  1. Full Military Honors
  2. 7 Person Detail
  3. Standard Honors Team Detail

If requested by the family, the Military Funeral Honor Team can be the Pall Bearers during the ceremony.

Different Traditions

During a Military Funeral, The Three-Volley Rifle Salute is performed which, historically meant that the dead were taken away from the battlefield and dealt with during ceasefires.  Another ceremony is the “Taps” which is also thought of as the “Warrior’s Lullaby.”  This is played when the soldier is laid to rest.  The most famous tradition seen today is the Flag-Folding and Presentation.  Typically, in the past, the military would take down the flag and fold it neatly every evening into a triangular shape to be guarded for the night.  The flag would then be unfolded the next day to be displayed again.  Regarding the symbolism, the folded flag will remain folded, so the flag will not rise again as the soldier is put to rest.

Military Funeral in Kalispell

Certain State departments like the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide free items such as a granite grave headstone, flat grave markers, or medallions.  The American flag is given for free to cover the casket or urn.  The Presidential Memorial Certificate is also presented to the family that is signed by the presiding President.  The Military Funeral in Kalispell is dignified with ceremonies and traditions to honor both the soldiers and their families.