Publishing a Death Note

After a person is deceased, family members will seek out the services of a funeral home for burial or cremation. Once a funeral home is selected and a contract for services signed, their caring staff will offer you and your family support and guidance during this difficult time.  They will offer a range of personalized services and guide you through the many decisions that must be made.  One of those services provided by funeral homes is filing a death note.

A death note, also known as a death notice, is a paid announcement published in a local newspaper detailing who passed away, the details of the funeral or memorial service, and information on where to send arrangements or donations.

Some people confuse a death note with an obituary. A death notice is a paid death announcement written by the surviving family or funeral staff and published in a newspaper.  It is usually paid for by the deceased’s family.  An obituary is also a paid announcement containing biographical information of the deceased.

Death notices are usually printed in a local newspaper or some other local publication.  Some funeral homes will publish the obituary or the death notice online.

Newspapers will usually charge a fee for publishing a death note.  In larger newspapers, the cost could run $300 to $500.  The price is determined by either the number of words or the number of lines in the notice and how long it will run.  They can get very expensive very quickly, so it helps to understand the pricing of the publication to determine the length of the notice.

Some funeral homes in Whitefish will write the death notice and publish it for you.  Sometimes the cost for publishing the notice is included in the total package price presented to you, while others may charge an extra fee.