Silly Classes in Society

In every stratum of society there exist service providers who are specific to that level of society. Yes, there are classes in society, it not just some “thing” from history class. Actually, we are a part of it, this big social experiment, which is quite alarming. But hey, that is a story for another day.

Back to the classes, hairdressers for example. They offer a unique service that is required in all levels of society. Even at the very worst of humanity and we are selling each other for a miserable price, modern day slavery, there are hairdressers. Why, because women enjoy looking good!

The very rich people have the most expensive hair saloons at their disposal. Places where all your hair beauty needs are met expeditiously. Take away the expensive fittings replace them with cheaper ones and the designer clothes with the almost designer clothes and it is just the same. A sanctuary for hair enthusiasts to mingle to unwind. Institutions which are much like real gambling casinos online with the exception that there are no real money prizes offered.

The artists who tend to the hair in these saloons only travel for clients who pay more. This is to compensate for the opportunity lost for getting other clients. Therefore, this means that the poorer people in each stratum of society have to go to the saloon.

But then you need to ask yourself who does the artist’s child minder’s hair? Someone who clearly cannot afford to go to the saloon. Not only in terms of money but also in terms of time.

New talent

This has been the one thing that has continually made societies’ classes seem silly. The reason is that it exposes all of us to the reality that they are superficial.

New talent entering a market often gives a higher quality product at a cheaper price. Just like some new casinos offering free spins and competitions to grow their brand, visit bestusacasinosites to learn more. The reason is to grow big enough and recognizable enough to demand prices fitting a “superior-class” product getting trapped in the cycle again.