How to Properly Clean Your Window Shades

Spring is here, and it’s time for spring cleaning! As you’re tidying and cleaning around the house, don’t forget about your window shades. It might seem like a difficult chore, but cleaning your wood blinds or shades is relatively easy. It’s all about knowing which cleaning method is right for which type of shades.

Here’s a quick and handy guide by Select Blinds Canada to cleaning your home’s shades.

Cleaning Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a popular and versatile choice of window coverings. They are also sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades or pleated shades, since they feature pockets or “cells” that trap air and increases your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. Contact a honeycomb window shade services provider if you plan to install this type of shades in your home.

Cellular shades are super easy to clean. All you need is a dusting attachment on your vacuum. Pass over them once on the low suction setting and you’re done! If you need to spot clean after dusting, you can just use a sponge dipped in lukewarm water and dish soap (make sure it’s a mild and clear type).

Cleaning Roman Shades

Roman shades are a unique choice of window treatment that combines the elegant look of draperies with the convenience of shades. They come in a variety of styles, materials and colors and are perfect for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

Cleaning roman shades is easy if you know how to approach it. It’s all about treating the shades like draperies. Clean your roman shades when they are in the lowered position so you can access all of the material. Using a vacuum, start at the top and gently go down the length of the shade. You can spot clean any areas that need it after you’ve removed all the dust from the shade. Use a damp cloth soaked in lukewarm water and mild dishwashing detergent. Pass over the shades a gain with only a water-soaked cloth and dab dry.

Cleaning Sheer Shades

Sheer shades bring elegance and versatility to any room. They combine the privacy of a window shade with the light-softening and viewing properties of sheer drapes. They are more fragile than other types of shades, so it’s important to treat them with care and clean them properly.

When cleaning sheer shades, first dust them with a feather duster, starting at the top and gently working your way downwards. Then use the vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove any dust that remains. Finally, use a sponge or soft cloth soaked in warm water and mild dish soap (wringed out thoroughly) to gently wipe the surface of the shade. This should remove any excess dirt or stains.

Cleaning Roller Shades

Roller shades are a super popular type of window treatment known for their versatility and durability. They come in a wide range of colors and materials and feature various light-filtering options.

Cleaning roller shades is straight forward: simply vacuum both sides with a soft brush attachment, starting from the top and working your way down in a side-to-side motion. Use a damp sponge with mild dishwashing detergent to spot clean. Make sure to leave the shade fully extended to dry.

Have a good spring cleaning!