Get The Modern Smoking Experience With Electronic Cigarettes

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are the modern form of cigarettes that appear as an electronic handheld gadget which contains a cartridge of flavored e-liquid or e-juice. This electronic gadget is used to turn the liquid into vapor which is then inhaled by the user. There are different types of e-cigs that include the e-cigs for starters i.e. newbies or amateurs and then there are some advanced e-cigarettes. You can also choose zero nicotine e-cigs if you are looking to turn away from nicotine towards a healthier alternative. You can see the wide range of e-cigs available at a local cigar smoking shop and then choose the best electronic cigarettes to try for yourself.

Composition and working of electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes, such as Heets IQOS UAE, are regarded as highly beneficial over the traditional cigarettes for a variety of reasons. One of the benefits is the modern look and feel that you get. Electronic cigarettes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes but look like a simple traditional cigarette. If we talk about the composition of an electronic cigarette, then it contains:

  • A tank for holding the e-liquid or flavored e-juice.
  • A Cartomizer which can turn the e- liquid into vapor when it is brought in contact with a heating element.
  • A battery for powering the cartomizer so that the heating element can be efficient enough to heat the e-liquid and turn it into vapor.
  • A mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor.

Significance of electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes are far more beneficial than traditional cigarettes in all terms. The electronic cigarette will be less harmful for your health, will be more convenient, will not have obnoxious smell, the nearby people won’t be affected because of passive smoke and it will be environmentally beneficial too. Let’s explore these factors

Beneficial for health

The traditional cigarette contained tar and more than 7000 toxic chemicals out of which 70 were found to be carcinogens. Now, there are far lesser harmful compounds when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Moreover, electronic cigarettes also offer you more control over the nicotine level. Most of the e- liquids are graded with respect to the nicotine strength in them. So, you can choose the suitable nicotine level and the electronic cigarette will not be addictive too.

Freedom and convenience

If you want to smoke traditional cigarette indoors, then you have to look for an ashtray and make sure that the people near you don’t get affected by your smoking. However, with modern electronic cigarette, you can have much more freedom. You can smoke it wherever you want to. The electronic cigarette is more socially acceptable too. Moreover, there will be no ash and cigarette butt in case of electronic cigarette. So, you will be able to have more convenience.

Environment- friendly

The electronic cigarettes are environment- friendly since you don’t have to deal with either the ash or the harmful smell. Moreover, with no cigarette butts, there will not be any garbage too.

Cost- effective

Buying electronic cigarette tends out to be less expensive in the longer run.