Benefits of ASTYM Treatment Services in Missoula

An effective treatment for stiffness and pain, referred to as ASTYM ™ soft tissue therapy is used to stimulate healing with chronic tendon issues, loosen scar tissue, and mitigate pain connected with various conditions. Among these conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golfer’s elbow, dramatic scarring, shin splints, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), hip and shoulder bursitis, IT Band syndrome, hip and shoulder bursitis, chronic sprains and strains, patellar pain, tendinitis or tendinosis, and chronic spinal pain and tightness. Many people can benefit from the application of ASTYM. Missoula residents can find physical therapy specialists who offer this therapy technique in the local area.

The Technique

This therapy technique begins with a warmup that stimulates blood flow. It continues with the application of a series of deep massage-like strokes using particular instruments along the entire kinetic chain. For example, if you are being looked at for pain in your right elbow, the treatment will be applied to your entire right arm in order to cover any fibrotic tissue with an attachment site influencing pressure at the elbow.

Stretching instructions for the tight tissues follow, as well as information on how to avoid irritating those tissues again. By treating larger areas, the physical therapist can address other associated problems that can develop with respect to pain and limited range of mobility. The use of ASTYM soft tissue therapy can facilitate healing of the foundational problem in the body and deliver pain relief.

What You Can Expect from the Treatment and Results

If you have tight tissue, the first few treatments may cause some pain. This is due to the fact that the treatment stimulates a healing process by breaking down adhesions. ASTYM Treatment on one limb can take about 15 minutes or less. You can expect to feel a bumpy or rough feeling as the specialized instruments are applied over the fibrotic tissue. Roughness will decrease and smooth out as the fibrosis is broken down.

By letting the process work, less pain will be experienced during treatment and also as you go about daily activities. You should also see an improvement in function and flexibility after these treatments. The process of improvement often occurs over a period of about three to six weeks. When you have this therapy done, it is important to remain hydrated in order to help eliminate toxins and facilitate healing of the tissues.