Health Tips for the Holiday Season

During holidays is when we usually have special family time and the festive season is filled with lots of eating and less to zero exercises being done. A lot of people tend to gain more weight during holidays and start worrying about it after the holiday. Beginning a new year in the right shape is what we recommend and encourage whether you eat less while playing online pokies for real money or working behind your desk. Here are some tips to stay healthy during the holiday season.

Minimize on food and alcohol intake

People usually get over excited during the holidays and begin to eat and drink a lot. You can still celebrate and have fun without consuming a lot of food or alcohol. You might not have the time to hit the gym or do exercises but it doesn’t mean you should be unhealthy. Watch what you eat or drink, avoid eating food with many calories. When alcohol is consumed it is burnt first in your body, therefore, anything you eat while drinking is usually stored as fat. Beer also contains a lot of calories and sugar. Red wine, gin or vodka lime are better options when it comes to drinks.

Stay away from deep fried food

I know deep fried food looks yummy and tempting to eat but it’s not as good for your body as it looks. Choose the right food options especially food without fatty meats. This will help you to stay in shape after the holiday.


Even though it is very difficult for many people to exercise during holidays, staying active is always the right thing to. What you can do is to minimize a bit the number of hours you exercise but not scrapping off exercising off your holiday calendar. You can even play real money online casino websites games while standing up to increase the number of calories you burn per day. Another good way to stay active is to have holiday activities that are active such as physical games. You can hang out with family friends doing yoga classes and more.