Bonuses for Navy and Airforce Pilots

The Navy and Airforce are looking for ways to keep pilots in service and on payrolls. The Navy told the media this week that they are giving incentives to their pilots. The Air Force is also doing the same thing in order to retain pilots. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told the media earlier that the Air Force is aiming to keep talented pilots in service. Navy pilots are to be paid up to $150,000. The payment is to be distributed over five years. This is the incentive for reenlisting. The amount of pay depends on the squadron the pilots fly in. This is according to a memo given by the Naval Chief of Personnel. A memo given by the Naval Chief of Personnel revealed reenlistment bonuses start at least $75,000. The bonuses are only for pilots with enlistments that expire in 2018. The Air Force is already facing a shortage of more than 1,200. The Congress’s work is to make sure that pilots are paid so that more are able to reenlist.

Part of the Air Force and the Navy’s plans are to improve the quality of life of the pilots. They both confirmed that the quality of service provided is as important as the quality of life of the service providers. Hence they are making appeals to retain the pilots. To also keep online casino gamers playing, online casinos offer the most amazing bonuses.  These bonuses can be used to win real money.

The Air Force Chief of Staff, David Goldfein told the media that the pilot deficit will continue at international levels. Major airlines are recruiting air force pilots. This is after their ten-year contract with the Air Force expires. The major airlines are giving pilots close to $200,000. A recent report to Congress showed that the Navy retention bonus contracts dropped from 59 percent to 55 percent. In the same manner, the Air Force is also going through the same situation and on even a bigger scale. Speaking on this matter, Lt Gen. Gina Grosso said the number of pilots has declined and he revealed that the matter is considered a crisis. Grosso also told the Congress that they are worried that the new retirement system will fail to provide the necessary incentives for pilots to remain in service.