Be Aware of Fire Restrictions on FWP Lands


As summer temperatures heat up around Montana and parts of the state suffer from summer drought, fire restrictions are going into effect on many Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks properties.

When it comes to site-specific fire restrictions, FWP follows the lead of the county where the site is located. Currently most counties in eastern Montana are under Stage 1 fire restrictions. Yellowstone County is under Stage 2 restrictions.

Stage 1 restrictions ban campfires except where specifically exempted, allow cooking fires on propane devices that can be shut off and smoking only in vehicles and areas three feet in diameter that are cleared of flammable materials.  People still may cook on an LP gas or propane stove that can be turned on and off.

Stage 2 restrictions start with regulations delineated by Stage 1 restrictions. In addition, Stage 2 restrictions ban welding, explosives, driving off established roads and use of internal-combustion engines, except for vehicles on established roads, between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m. each day. Generators used in enclosed buildings or in an area cleared of vegetation specifically are exempted from Stage 2 restrictions.

The restrictions are in response to dry, warm weather that could increase the danger of human-caused wildfires. They will be in effect until further notice.

FWP sites that could be impacted by fire restrictions include fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and state parks.

For more information about fire restrictions at FWP sites, go online to and click on Restrictions and Closures.

For questions about fire restrictions at a specific state park, please check the individual park pages at