Top Casinos to Visit in Missoula

Missoula, Montana is the second largest city in Montana. Located in Western Montana, the city is strategically located at the convergence of five different mountain ranges. The landscape here is breathtaking and draws many visitors annually. Missoula also offers different options for nightlife including casinos, which is perfect location for those who enjoys playing games at casino online at site such as or if you just want to something different.

Silvertip Casino

Located in downtown Missoula, the Silvertip offers some of the best live poker in the region. Expect to find community card poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha High and Omaha Split. The casino is opened year round so no worries of having to follow strict operating hours. Visitors can come here whenever the mood strikes to take a spin with lady luck. Relax in the lounge with a full bar and six big screen TVs.

Claim Jumper Casino

Offering a nice assortment of electronic gaming machines, the Claim Jumper also has other amenities. These include a full bar and a restaurant serving decisions made to order food. Like Silvertip, the Claim Jumper is also open year round. The casino does sponsor periodic contests which can make an evening out even more exciting. It is conveniently located downtown near the mall.

Montana Jack’s

This casino offers a range of games including line games, video Keno and video poker. Make sure to sign up for their free player’s club. As you gamble, you earn additional money with the club. The more credits you gamble at one time, the greater the amount of rewards you rack up. If you get hungry after a fun-filled gambling session, you need not go too far. With their top rated restaurant, enjoy some of the finest grilled steaks in the area.

With its long history and diverse culture, Missoula is an ideal travel destination. The nightlife here also includes some of the best gaming in the region.