Volunteer Missoula Cheers for Charity Event at Draught Works Brewery

Volunteer Missoula, a volunteer organization and website www.volunteermissoula.org,  that aims to increase volunteerism, collaboration, and communication in Missoula, is having a Cheers for Charity fundraising at Draught Works Brewery on Tuesday, February 9, from 5-8pm. Starting at 5:00 p.m. a portion of all beverages sold will be donated to VolunteerMissoula.org. Renowned local musical group, The John Floridis Trio featuring singer-songwriter John Floridis along with bassist John Sporman and drummer Ed Stalling will be performing during the event.

Members of the Volunteer Missoula Advisory Council will be onsite to discuss the details of how Volunteer Missoula benefits the community. Volunteers and community members are encouraged to attend to learn how they can utilize the site to find local volunteer opportunities that match their interests and availability. Nonprofit, for-profit, and government organizations that utilize volunteers are also welcome to attend and inquire further about Volunteer Missoula.

Volunteer Missoula, true its name, is organized and operated by dedicated community volunteers to provide Missoula nonprofits and volunteers with a way to easily connect and engage in community service.  Volunteer Missoula seeks to: connect volunteers to service opportunities and connect nonprofits to volunteer recruitment tools; foster greater collaboration between nonprofit organizations in Missoula; provide and coordinate training and consulting services, build networking tools and business partnerships; connect local businesses to corporate volunteer opportunities, training and consulting services, notice of board vacancies, and increased recognition for their contributions to the public sector; provide new infrastructure for inventive, hybrid partnerships with emerging businesses and nonprofits to address service gaps, promote economic development and greater community involvement. A $25 annual membership fee is required from organizations that register with Volunteer Missoula, while individual community members may access the website’s services for free.

All local organizations interested in using Volunteer Missoula are encouraged to attend the event. For specific questions or for information about registering with Volunteer Missoula, please contact Megan Hill at volunteermissoula@gmail.com.