Red’s Hosts Annual Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Enjoying some holiday cheer at Red’s Bar next week will relieve stress and help one of Missoula’s own. Beginning Monday, December 21 and going through Thursday, December 24, Red’s Bar and Party America will host a gift wrapping fundraiser to benefit Easton Klemundt. Easton has been diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor which is a very rare and aggressive. His treatment has included surgery and chemotherapy. He has been in treatment in Seattle since April of this year. We are hoping to raise funds to assist them in their travel and other expenses related to his treatment.

The public is invited to bring their unwrapped Christmas presents to Red’s Bar where they will be nicely gift-wrapped for no charge except what you wish to donate.

Gift wrapping will begin at 5pm on Monday and noon on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, wrapping will begin at 10am and go until approximately 6pm.

Event coordinator, Laurie Clark said, “It’s a lot of fun. People bring us their stuff, have a cold beverage and visit with friends. When they’re are ready to go, all their presents are wrapped, tagged and ready to go under the tree. For many people it’s a huge stress reliever not having to wrap their gifts.”

Mike Helean, owner of Red’s Bar said, “This is the twelfth year of hosting this event and it has proven to be a great opportunity for those husband and wives, moms and dads who want to have some of the wrapping tasks taken off their hands. They can come down and relax and visit with friends or family and our crew of wrappers will take over and get the wrapping done quickly and efficiently. The Missoula community has been very supportive of the event and we look forward to it every year.”