Draught Works Brewery And Volunteer Missoula Launch Pints for Partnership Program

Volunteer Missoula, a volunteer organization and website www.volunteermissoula.org, that aims to increase volunteerism, collaboration, and communication in Missoula, is partnering with Draught Works Brewery to launch a new Pints For Partnership Program. Five local Missoula organizations were chosen by staff of Draught Works Brewery based on their level of participation on the Volunteer Missoula website, their missions and the services they provide to the Missoula community. The Watershed Education Network, Missoula Food Bank, Clark Fork Coalition, Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) and Missoula Aging Services will all receive beer vouchers to award to their volunteers for hours of service to the community. The slogan is” Volunteer: Earn Beer” and the aim of the partnership is to celebrate the positive change volunteers are making everyday in Missoula’s community.

Volunteer Missoula is proud and humbled by the generous support of Draught Works Brewery. Partnerships such as this help promote volunteerism as a viable means to address community needs in Missoula.

All local organizations interested in learning more about the Pints for Partnership program and/or Volunteer Missoula should contact Megan Hill at volunteermissoula@gmail.com.

Pints 4 Partnership Image