“Check Out” Brain Injury, Brain Strong Campaign 2015

The Brain Injury Alliance of Montana kicks off their 2015 Brain Strong Campaign titled, “CHECK OUT Brain Injury.” The campaign, which runs from October 6 through November 24, 2015, will raise both the awareness of brain injury across Montana as well as money to benefit BIAMT’s prevention, outreach, education, awareness and advocacy services and programs.

The CHECK OUT Brain Injury campaign was created so members of the public can identify with brain injury and have a more personal interaction with the issue by “checking off” the boxes that they connect with.

Montana is second in the nation for the per capita number of traumatic brain injury-related deaths. Every month, 25 Montanans sustain a brain injury-and die. Every day, 33 Montanans sustain a brain injury-and live! There are an estimated 44,000 individuals living in Montana who have sustained some form of brain injury, and of those an estimated 19,000 need lifelong help of daily living due to their injury

“The slogan, CHECK OUT Brain Injury, was selected because we want people to be aware of the causes of brain injury, the types of brain injuries, to know that brain injuries impact them either because they have sustained a brain injury or that they know someone who has a brain injury,” says Charney Gonnerman, Fund Developer for the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana. “The campaign asks individuals to pledge to prevent brain injuries, to support individuals who have a brain injury, to direct individuals to the Brain Injury Help Line, and to donate to expand our services across Montana.”

In addition to this fundraiser, the Brain Injury Alliance of Montana sponsors other prevention, awareness and fundraising events such as Bowl for Brain Strong in the spring and the annual summer Helmet Giveaway events throughout Montana. For more information on CHECK OUT Brain Injury, please call (406) 541-6442 or email, charney@biamt.org or sahras@biamt.org.

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