Brisk Sales for Nonresident Big Game Combo Hunting Licenses

By TOM PALMER for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

Montana’s surplus nonresident elk and deer combination hunting licenses for this fall are selling at a brisk pace.

“Our friends from out-of-state are coming back to experience Montana in the fall and winter,” said Hank Worsech, chief of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Licensing Bureau in Helena. “The interest in Montana hunting is high so I think we could sell out of our nonresident deer and elk licenses by the beginning of the general hunting season – if not sooner.”

Nonresident hunters can choose among Montana’s surplus deer, elk and big game combination hunting licenses and purchase them online or over-the-counter at any FWP office.

bull elk (2)The first-come, first-served nonresident licenses include the big game combination for $991; elk combination for $841; and the deer combo for $587.

Although the licenses did not sell out by the March 16 deadline, nonresidents purchased about 2,000 more license than they had by the deadline last year. Subsequently, more than 2,300 licenses have been purchased by nonresidents since May 4. Fewer than 3,000 licenses remain.

Montana’s nonresident combination hunting licenses allow one to hunt for deer and/or elk and include season conservation, fishing, and upland game bird licenses; and the hunting-access enhancement fee. The licenses are good for antlered deer and elk in most hunting districts and can be used statewide during the hunting seasons.

The archery season runs Sept. 5 – Oct. 18. The general big game season runs Oct. 24 – Nov. 29.

For more information visit FWP’s website, then click “Nonresident Licenses“.

Deer and elk are found throughout most of Montana. Hunters enjoy nearly 35 million acres of National Forest and other public land, as well as 8 million acres of land made available through the Block Management Program. Hunters must follow all regulations and obtain permission to hunt on private property.