Airstream: Where Classic Meets Contemporary



2015-06-04_0646This Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM, swing by Caras Park in the heart of downtown Missoula to check out Airstream trailers from Bretz RV and Marine, eat local food from Missoula favorites like Big Dipper Ice Cream and Clove Pizza, and chat with a knowledgeable representative about how to make your road tripping dream into a reality.

Bretz will have several sizes and models available to explore at the expo, from the smaller Airstream Sport – a lighter, simpler, versatile trailer at a lower price point – to the International Signature Series – a model with all the amenities that give Airstream a reputation for quality, durable, and innovative design where classic style meets contemporary sensibilities.

2015-06-04_0645_001In a conversation with Ty Robinson, a sales representative from Bretz RV and Marine, I asked what he would want someone totally new to the Airstream world to know. He told me that Airstream’s reputation for excellence is grounded in their history. Airstream began with Wally Byam, a self-made businessman and Stanford graduate with a knack for advertising and thrifty design.


He built the first Airstream trailer in the 1920’s, although at that time it was basically a tent on a single chassis trailer. In inclement weather the design didn’t hold up, so he built a classic “tear drop” style trailer with metal. As his neighbors began catching on and even asking for their own, Wally decided he was on to something big. Since then, Airstream engineering innovations have been developing for over 80 years, but plenty of the designs from the 30’s are sturdy enough to still rock the road today.


According to Robinson, baby boomers are their biggest clients for Airstream trailers. People who have worked the grind for a good while and are moving into retirement with a dream of adventure and freedom make happy Airstream owners. However, with the increase in popularity of sustainable, tiny house dwellings and nomadic lifestyles, the typical demographic is expanding to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire for simplicity and freedom of mobility.


Come down to Caras Park this Saturday for a chance to tour an Airstream, learn more about the company’s history, eat great local food, and experience first hand why Airstream has maintained such an excellent reputation since 1926. Who knows, maybe it’s your time for a new adventure.


Learn more about the Airstream Trailers at Bretz RV & Marine.