Carousel Carvings on Display at Annual Wood Carvers Show, May 2 & 3

The Ponykeepers of A Carousel for Missoula will be letting the chips (wood chips, that is) fall where they may during the Western Montana Wood Carvers Show, May 3 & 4, at the Missoula County Fairgrounds.

Ponykeepers are the volunteers who continue to practice the skills that helped create the Carousel, as well as those who help with its maintenance. Carvers, sanders, painters and mechanics meet Tuesdays, at 7pm, to make new animals for other volunteer-built carousels and local not for profits, and to keep the Carousel running smoothly and safely. Other Ponykeepers help with cleaning, making repairs and generally keeping the Carousel and Dragon Hollow in top shape for Missoulians and those who visit our community.

To help celebrate the Carousel’s 20th Anniversary, the Ponykeepers have been making miniature copies of the animals on the Carousel. Some of the miniatures, which will be on display at the show, are rocking animals and others are stationary, but each represents hours of labor and love spent copying one of the much-loved Carousel figures. These miniatures will be offered at the Carousel’s Gala Celebration on June 18, at the Ranch Club Barn, in exchange for a donation to the Carousel of at least $300. Also on display at the show and scheduled to be auctioned at the Gala is a child-sized rocking Paint. Paint, designed by Larry Pirnie, is one of the most popular ponies on the Carousel. Tickets to the Gala can be purchased by calling 549-8382.

The Ponykeepers will be selling sweepstakes tickets for another of their creations, a child sized rocking Dispatch, at the Wood Carvers Show. Tickets are $5 for one; $20 for five or $50 for twenty. The sweepstakes drawing will be held when 800 tickets have been sold, and the winner will choose between Dispatch and a cash prize of $500.

For more information about the Ponykeepers or A Carousel for Missoula, please call the Carousel at 549-8382.


Photo courtesy of A Carousel for Missoula