Missoula Job Service Featured Jobs | Week of Jan 12

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A new Missoula manufacturing company is seeking experienced mechanics. Level 3 mechanics require 1-2 years’ experience with metal fabrication of storage tanks or similar items, at least two years of metal trade experience, the ability to make parts from shop drawings, proficiency in MIG (spray) TIG welding, and ability weld carbon steel and stainless steel up to ¼ inch. Level 2 mechanics need 2-3 years’ experience fabricating pressure vessels and storage tanks, three years’ experience in a metal trade, proficiency in reading blueprints, proficiency in X-ray quality welding and MIG (pulse, spray, short-circuit), TIG welding, and ability to weld most metals up to 3/8 inch. Level 3 mechanics require the same abilities as Level 2 mechanics, plus 3-5 years’ experience fabricating ASME code stamped pressure vessels, proficiency in Flux Core, and ability to weld all metals and alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and duplex and super duplex at all thickness. Wage is $19-$25 per hour for these full-time jobs. For more information, call (406) 728-7060 or email us at missoulajsc@mt.gov and ask about job #10099639.

JobsThe same employer is hiring welders. Apprentices should have at least 6 months’ experience in a metal trade, aptitude for welding, and ability to read a tape measure and a basic understanding of blueprints. Level 2 welders need at least a year of experience in a metal trade, ability to weld using MIG, and ability to weld carbon steel or stainless steel up to 3/16 inch. Level 1 welders require at least two years’ experience in a metal trade, ability to weld using MIG or TIG, and ability to weld carbon steel and stainless steel. As with the mechanic jobs above, the right attitude is key to these jobs. Wage is $13-$19 per hour. Ask about job #10099668.

An aviation company needs a line technician. This position provides full preparatory service to commercial and private airplanes. This includes cleaning the interior, refueling, helping with baggage as needed, moving aircraft and stacking hangars, assisting with freight for carriers including UPS and Fed Ex, and providing professional customer service to private jet owners, such as arranging hotels and car rentals. Prior aviation experience is a plus, but not required. Applicants must be able to work outside in all weather, be able to lift up to 50 pounds, and have a driver’s license and a clean driving record. No one with DUIs will be considered and applicants must be able to adhere to strictly enforced drug and alcohol screening. Wage is $11 per hour. Position is part-time with potential to work full-time. Occasional weekend work is required. For more information, call (406) 728-7060 or email us at missoulajsc@mt.gov and ask about job #10099693.

ReadersA bachelor’s degree in physical, biological or environmental science is needed for an environmental health specialist job. Other requirements include a year’s experience as a sanitarian or in a biological or physical science field related to environmental health. Applicants must meet minimum standards for sanitarians in training in accordance with Montana’s administrative rules. This job requires the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 100 pounds occasionally, and a valid driver’s license. The employee performs technical and professional work in disciplines such as air and water quality, and general sanitation. Pay begins at $18.55. This job closes January 28. It is job #10099708.

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