Missoula Community Theatre Presents Jekyll & Hyde The Musical

The Missoula Community Theatre opens its 2014-15 season on Friday, October 31st with Jekyll & Hyde The Musical–an intense, gothic musical which is based on a Robert Louis Stevenson classic story about the battle between good and evil.  The story takes place on the streets of London in 1888, during the same year as the grisly reign of Jack the Ripper.

“Dr. Henry Jekyll,” the well-intentioned doctor played by stage veteran Tim Shonkwiler, seeks a cure for dark mood swings and psychosis, from which his father suffers.  The doctor develops a concoction and first tests it on himself; he unwittingly unleashes his own dark side as he becomes the savage and murderous “Mr. Edward Hyde.”

Picture3Joseph Martinez, the show’s director, is adamant this is not a production for children.  There are adult situations (more sensual than overtly sexual, but intense, nonetheless) and episodes of violence.  “You can’t really produce this show and do justice to the script without the violence that is central to the story.  Evil prevails through much of the show.  It’s not graphic, and there’s no blood, but a number of characters are murdered in various ways.  When watching a thriller on TV, you can turn the channel, but with live theatre, it’s more difficult to distance yourself when you are sitting in the same room as the action.  The audience is truly a part of the experience.”

The majority of the story is told through song, much like Les Misérables, which Martinez directed this past spring.  Dr. David Cody, a faculty member at the University of Montana School of Music, provides music direction for the powerful rock and roll score.  Tasha Fain plays “Emma Carew,” Dr. Jekyll’s fiancée.  Neila Getz fills the role of “Lucy Harris” and Kurt Duffner plays “John Utterson,” Dr. Jekyll’s lawyer.  Additionally, there are two dozen other actors and actresses who play a host of characters who help to tell this story of life………and death.

Tickets are available now!

Jekyll & Hyde The Musical plays October 31-November 2 andNovember 5-9, 2014 at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts.  WednesdaySaturday night performances begin at 7:30 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday matinees begin at 2:00 p.m. and Sundayevenings at 6:30 p.m.  Ticket prices range from $15.00-$21.00 and can be purchased at the MCT box office (200 North Adams), online at www.MCTinc.org, or by calling (406) 728-7529.  All seats are reserved. The production is sponsored by University Motors, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, and Madison Creek Furnishings.