Moksha Aerial Studio Collective (PHOTO GALLERY)


Moksha Aerial Studio Collective, MASC, is a vibrant group of creative performers based in Missoula.  They include aerialists, fire artists, dancers, and other cirque artists.  Moksha is  Sanskrit which means freedom or liberation  from the world of ordinary experience.  MASC artists embrace this idea  movement, flight, and music through the aerial and fire arts, dance.  In the audience during a MASC performance, one is transported from the ordinary into an extraordinary experience!

1.Bethany Stanbery silk aerialist ©william munoz

Bethany Stanbery silk aerialist ©williammunoz

2.Emma Rosen teaching young girls hoop.©william munoz

Emma Rosen teaching young girls hoop.©williammunoz

3.Enrico Vinholi fire dance artist on sticks.©william munoz,

Enrico Vinholi fire dance artist on sticks.©williammunoz.

4.Mark Berner and Nina Love silk aerialists ©william munoz

Mark Berner and Nina Love silk aerialists ©williammunoz

5.Victoria McIntyre stilt and silk flags at farmers market©william munoz

Victoria McIntyre stilt and silk flags at farmers market©williammunoz


Victoria McIntyre stilt walking through farmers market crowd. ©williammunoz


Bill MunozBill Munoz has been photographing full time as a professional photographer for over 35 years. He has been the photo-illustrator of over 100 children’s non-fiction books written by Missoula author Dorothy Patent. The subjects are varied: grizzly bears, whooping cranes, wolves and where your food comes from! Their most recent book looks at the heavy metal study in the lower Clark Fork River. Project Osprey will be published in the spring by Houghton MifflinHarcourt.

Bill’s recent passion has been photographing and filming dance in Missoula, especially at the Dance Department at the University. Dancers are a unique group, they have unbelievable physical abilities that are coupled with an intense mental focus, commitment and love all which make a photographers’ life complete!