Lifelong Learning Class Teaches How to Self-Publish


According to some sources Missoula is one of the cities in the United States with the most writers per capita. Maybe it’s in the water. Maybe it’s the long winter. Maybe it’s genetic…and maybe, just maybe, you have a book inside you screaming to get out.

You wouldn’t be alone, but where do you begin?

According to the King in Alice in Wonderland, you should begin at the beginning, go to the end, and stop.

If only it were that simple. Because, you see, nowadays, the end of your book is the beginning of something else—getting it out into the world at large. What steps do you need to take to make sure your story is good enough, formatted correctly for e-books and print books, and marketable?

Picture18Many people are able to start their books, but get stuck in the middle. Writing groups, writing coaches, and critique groups can help you get past this stage. I encourage you to reach out and find others involved in the writing process. If the experts are right, there are other writers in Missoula.

Then what? You’ll need to get your book edited, formatted, and uploaded to book distributers such as Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. You’ll also need a cover. How do you do it?

When my husband and I self-published our book, a coffee-table book about the wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, we went on a steep learning curve. Way back then (2003) we sent a CD and a large check to China. Two months later we received three pallets of boxes of books.

Now it’s much simpler and help is easily available in Missoula. At the Lifelong Learning Center, there are almost always classes offered that will help you get your book idea out of your head and help you move it as far along in the process you want to go. The fall semester brings a class in memoir writing and a class that will help you get your book published on Amazon.

Ready to publish your book? Then get the help you need. Register here.


WEB-Casey-0545_ppCasey Dawes is a multi-published romance author, writing coach, and co-owner of Self-Publishing Services LLC. Her varied life has included teaching junior high in Browning, traveling the world as a database consultant, and working with women business owners to improve their businesses. You can reach her at