Hunting is a Bargain for Nonresident College Students


A discount on Montana’s big game combination license will be available beginning Sept. 9 for nonresident college students to hunt in Montana.

Qualifying students may purchase the $70 big game combination license at any Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional office or the Helena headquarters office.

The big game combination license includes conservation, fishing, upland game bird, and general deer and elk licenses.

Students eligible for the discount include:

  • nonresident full-time students taking 12 credits or more at post-secondary institutions in Montana,
  • nonresident students who are former Montana high school graduates now enrolled full-time at out-of-state post-secondary institutions and who have a parent that is a Montana resident.

The nonresident student must present a valid student identification card and an enrollment verification form from their school showing they are full-time students.

Former residents who are now full-time students at out-of-state colleges must present a valid student identification card, current enrollment verification form, a parent’s Montana FWP ALS number and a copy of their Montana high school diploma or General Education Development degree.

A $10 hunting access enhancement fee—and proof they have passed hunter education instruction in Montana or another state—are also required.

For more information on this license call 406-444-2950. For information on hunting in Montana, check out the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website.


Zach, Grandpa and Me Elk Hunting in Montana



  • 900                        Aug. 15–Nov. 9
  • Archery                 Sept. 6–Oct. 10
  • General                 Oct. 11–Nov. 9

Bighorn Sheep

  • Archery                 Sept. 5–Sept. 14
  • General                 Sept. 15–Nov. 30


  • General                 Nov. 15–Feb. 15, 2014

Black Bear

  • Archery                 Sept. 6–Sept. 14
  • Fall                        Sept. 15–Nov. 30

Deer & Elk

  • Archery                 Sept. 6–Oct. 19
  • Youth-Deer Only  Oct. 16            –17
  • General                 Oct. 25–Nov. 30

Backcountry (HDs 150, 151, 280, 316)

  • Archery                 Sept. 6–Sept. 14
  • General                 Sept. 15–Nov. 30


  • General                 Sept. 15–Nov. 30

Mountain goat

  • General                 Sept. 15–Nov. 30

Mountain Lion

  • Archery                 Sept. 6–Oct. 19
  • Fall                        Oct. 25            –Nov. 30
  • Winter                   Dec. 1–April 14, 2015