Existential Crisis in the Kitchen

Despite what you might hear, I’m an enlightened, evolved male. I possess certain domestic capabilities. Believe it or not, I do know my Swiffer from a hole in the ground.

I’m cleaning the kitchen after dinner. And dessert. And a couple of movies and snacks. And homemade popcorn. My better half is leafing through a magazine in the living room. The following conversation takes place through the kitchen wall.

Me: “Honey,  why don’t you let me handle this mess. You cooked dinner and all.”

Her: [unintelligible]

Me: “There’s only one dinner roll left. Should I save it?”

Her: “Yes.”

I try to put it into a snack size recloseable bag. She does not have a sightline to the kitchen yet somehow knows exactly what’s happening.

Her: “It won’t fit in there. Use a sandwich size.”

Me: “What the…? It will if I smash the crap out of it like this. There. It fits.”

Her: “Oh, great, for dinner tomorrow I’ll serve grilled chicken and a toasted wad.”

Me: “Hey, man. You gave me an objective. I met that objective. You can’t have it both ways. I saved that roll.”

Her: “It’s a roll. Not a soldier in a foxhole. And please don’t call me ‘man.’”


Who says I don’t know how to use that long sweepy thing?

Me: “Exactly my point.”

Her: “What is your point, exactly?”

Me: “My point? Uh, my point is that I just saved a lot of plastic.”

Her: “A lot? You mean the difference in plastic between a sandwich bag and a snack bag? Excuse me, I have to go sell off all my Hefty stock.”

Me: “You have Hefty stock?”

Her: “No, I was being facetious.” [unintelligible]

Me: “Did you just call me a dough-head?”

Her: “What? No, I said ‘those apples are so red.’”

Me: “What apples? We’re out of apples.”

Her: [unintelligible] “These apples on TV.”

Me: “The TV’s not even on.”

Her: “Please don’t put that pan in the dishwasher. It has to be washed by hand.”

Me [pulling a frying pan out of the dishwasher]: “I know that. Why wouldn’t I know that? You’ve told me like a hundred times. Even though it said on the label, ‘dishwasher safe.’”

Her: “Yes, I remember reading that when you gave it to me for our anniversary.” [unintelligible]

I turn the water on full blast.

Me: “Honey, you know I can’t hear you when the water’s running.”

Seeing some oil has spattered onto the floor in front of the stove, I grab a sponge from the drain board and soak it in hot water. I pull a bottle of 409 from beneath the sink, and spray the floor.

Her: “You’re not using a sponge from the sink to wipe the floor, are you?”

Me: “How the %$@!! does she know?”

Her: “What’s that?”

Me: “Uh, I said, yeah, that would blow!”

Her: “I think what blows is [unintelligible].”

Me: “Okay, thanks, honey!”

There is an open can, half full of corn. I pull a plastic lid from a kitchen drawer and it fits perfectly on top of the can. Hurray. One less missing tupperware lid to track down.

Her: “Sweetheart, you can probably just throw that corn out. There’s not enough worth saving.”

I pop the lid back off the can and look inside. I count nine kernels. Huh. Oh, well, I’ve already made the effort. Into the fridge it goes.

Me: “No problem!”

Her: “Besides, you would probably use that dog food can lid thing. It’s gross.”

Me: “Why is it gross? I mean, it’s good enough for the dog’s food, should be good enough for ours.”

Her: “That’s because you’re [unintelligble].”

Me: “What cat bowl? We don’t even have a cat.”

Her: “Nothing. Anyway, thanks for cleaning the kitchen. Maybe one of the kids can do the pots and pans.”

Me: “Oh, no problem. I’ll take care of them. Uh, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the bathtub.”

Her: [unintelligible]

Me: “Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I’m going to wash.”

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