Families Invited to play All-Abilities Baseball at McCormick Park

Missoula Parks and Recreation is teaming up with the All-Abilities Playground Project to host free baseball games for people with and without disabilities on July 19 and August 2 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at McCormick Park. Families may pre-register for each game by calling 721-PARK.

Children and adults of all abilities can enjoy America’s pastime with adaptive equipment like specially-designed bats and larger, softer baseballs. Some baseballs even make a jingling sound to help those with visual disabilities enjoy the game. Players are accompanied by a “buddy” if needed, who will help the player hit, field, and run/walk/wheel the bases.

Games include refreshments for all, t-shirts for players, and a shaded “relaxation tent” for players to relax and regroup between innings.

Pre-registration is greatly appreciated, but is not required. Call 721-PARK to pre-register. Players can also complete a “Personal Game Plan” at missoulaparks.org to help Parks and Recreation tailor the game to the player’s individual needs. Questions about the game? Please contact Recreation Specialist Meg Rogosienski at 552-6271 or email Meg.

McCormick Park is home to Silver Summit, a new, universally-accessible playground slated to open in August. The All-Abilities Playground Project continues to raise funds to expand the playground. Learn more at The Playground Project.

(Photos Courtesy of the All-Abilities Playground Project)

All Abilitites Park Missoula, MT

All Abilities Park Baseball Game Missoula, MT