Mount Jumbo South Zone Closure Extended Through March 31

To protect wintering elk and mule deer, much of Mount Jumbo is closed to recreational use during the winter months. Mount Jumbo’s South Zone, including the “L” trail, the US West road and the Backbone Trail will remain closed through Monday, March 31.

In a typical snowfall year, Jumbo’s South Zone would re-open to the public on March 15. However, due to late season snowfall, the Mount Jumbo elk herd has remained on lower elevations in the south zone—in fact, 63 elk were counted on Jumbo’s southern flank earlier this week. Officials from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the City of Missoula have determined the winter closure should be extended to give the herd time to move to higher elevations.

The Saddle Road and all points south of the road will re-open to the public on Tuesday, April 1. North Mount Jumbo (areas north of the Saddle Road) remains closed until May 1. The Saddle Road is located at the north end of Lincoln Hills Drive.

Violations of the Mount Jumbo winter closure are punishable by fine. Please call 911 to report closure violations.

For more information, call 721-PARK or visit the Parks and Recreation website at