In Italy, It’s All About the Pasta


Ocrecchiette pasta.


Food is one of the defining elements of a culture. When visitors arrive in Missoula, what do you feed them? I’m guessing a grass-fed beefsteak, trout or fresh vegetables from the Missoula Farmer’s Market.  In Italy, it’s all about pasta, which is why my photo from week 2 of touring Italy’s heel is this delicious looking dish.

While exploring Locorotondo, a quaint village of whitewashed buildings with colorful flowers cascading from every balcony, I experienced the best pasta of the trip. When Alan (my husband) and guide, Claudio, stepped into Trattoria Al Vecchio Arco, a family-run restaurant serving homemade food, we hit the jackpot of Italian dining.

The owner spoke very little English but he sure knew how to cook. He served up a whole-wheat ocrecchiette (pasta shaped like small ears) topped with tomato sauce and grated ricotta cheese. I could have stopped right there; but, of course, I didn’t. The eggplant parmagina deserved attention, too.

Does food define a place for you? Post a comment to share what you’ve discovered while dining on the road.


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