Hunters, The Time is NOW!


If you’re anything like me, you feel that the fall season is far too short to take advantage of all the great things happening.  Fall fishing is some of the best of the year, then there’s archery season followed by waterfowl, antelope, upland birds, and finally the big game season.

Some folks are specialists, choosing to pursue one passion like waterfowling all season long while most of us dabble a little in everything.  Unfortunately there just isn’t enough time to get our fill of it all.  Factor in work, family, kid’s sports, and Griz football and those days in the field can be a precious few.

Bounty of fall

Bounty offall

If you have been saving up your days for the best time, then you need to be spending that currency right now.  Weather is a huge factor during hunting season and this latest storm front making its’ way through the state is what many hunters have been waiting for.

Perfect Conditions for Hunting

Perfect Conditions forHunting

Cold, snow and wind will help drive deer and elk out of the high country and make them more accessible for hunters.  Those same conditions will get waterfowl on the move and will help concentrate upland birds.  Really, no matter what game you are looking for the time to get after it is now!

Glassing after the storm

Glassing after thestorm

Too many big game hunters get discouraged by tough conditions early when it is dry and warm, but if you re-double your efforts once the snow flies you will often be rewarded.

Snow is such a huge advantage that it is hard to overstate.  Hunters can travel through the mountains silently, game is much easier to spot, and fresh tracks reveal where animals are spending their time in the woods.  I know several successful hunters who won’t even step foot in the hills until snow is on the ground.

Snowy day limit

Snowy daylimit

Get out there now while everything is stacked in your favor.  Then you won’t be sitting in your office next month sorting through unfilled tags, you will be thawing backstraps for dinner.


Tony Reinhardt BioTony Reinhardt is the owner, outfitter for Montana Trout Outfitters in Missoula.  He has been a guide on the rivers of western Montana for 16 years and absolutely loves his job.  When he’s not working you’ll find him fishing with his two children or in the woodshunting.