Trading the Road for the Sea in Alaska


Inside Passage. Photo by ©Donna Hall


On the fourth and final week of our Alaska Highway road trip adventure, my husband, Alan, and I road a highway of a different kind. We parked the truck in the bowels of the MV/Kennicott and let an Alaska Marine Highway ferry captain do the driving.

On a five-day, four-night cruise from Homer, Alaska, to Bellingham, Washington, we watched the changing scenery of the Inside Passage. Some mornings, we’d wake up to fog and mist drifting in horizontal clouds around tree-studded islands. On other days, clouds would totally obscure the view. And the changeable weather morphed into bright, sunshine when the Kennicott arrived at both Juneau and Ketchikan.

Unfortunately, we never captured that longed-for photo of a breaching whale, although we did see a couple of whale spouts one day and a group of dolphins frolicking near the ferry on another. Sadly for us, the northern lights never made an appearance but the sunrises and sunsets made up for their absence. We spent hours reading books, taking naps and watching the shore as the Inside Passage slipped quietly by. What a way to end this Alaska Highway adventure.

Did you like traveling to Alaska with me? Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing more trip highlights with you soon. Can you guess where I’ll be going?

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