This Week’s Missoula News Highlights – Week of May 6


DOJ’s Probe into UM’s Handling of Sexual Assaults Announces Findings

The United States Department of Justice’s year-long probe into the University of Montana’s treatment of several sexual assaults was released Thursday. The report reveals an environment of harassment, disbelieve and blame all directed toward the victims. In December of 2011 news of a sexual assault involving several male students and two female began to shine light on the problems with rape the Montana campus was facing. Later that spring the Department of Justice began its own investigation into how three different agencies (UM’s campus police, the Missoula Police Department, and the Missoula County Attorney’s office) dealt with victims and the sexual assault cases. (read more) other links: news conference, DOJ probe, Barz investigation

Missoula County School Board to see new Faces in wake of Tuesday’s Election

The election for Missoula County School Board Tuesday resulted in what will be a slew of new faces.  In total there will be five new members on the board with two long-term MCPS trustees losing their seats. Both Scott Bixler and Joe Toth lost their race for reelection to the board. The controversial raise received by Superintendent Alex Apostle was one of the topics disputed during the election. (read more) other links: resultsApostle’s response

Missoula Man is Arrested for Shooting his Wife her Face

A Missoula woman woke up with blood on her pillow then drove herself to the emergency room when she realized the blood was coming from a gunshot wound to her face. Mark Bryon Tabish is being charged with attempted murder for shooting his wife Tuesday morning after drinking heavily all day. The incident happened on South 8th Street West and according to statements by the accused may have been a result of a botched murder suicide attempt. (read more) other links: further details

Janitor at the University of Montana Law School Shoots Himself in the Foot

A custodian who was keeping loaded guns in the janitor’s closet accidentally shot himself in his foot while handling one of the guns Wednesday night. The man was charged with disorderly conduct by the schools Public Safety Office. In an email explaining the situation to students written by Associate Dean of the Law School, Greg Munro, Munro stated that the custodian had two pistols and a knife in the closet. The shooting suspect has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation into the incident is concluded. (read more)



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