This Week’s Missoula News Highlights – Week of April 29


Former UM Grizzly Football Player Jason Washington Sentenced in Marijuana Case

A former medical marijuana business owner and University of Montana Grizzly football player will spend time in a federal prison for “conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana” and “possession with intent to distribute marijuana”. Washington’s medical marijuana business, Big Sky Health, was raided by federal agents over two years ago. The judge who presided over the trial said Washington wasn’t concerned about his patients and was more worried about his business than helping sick people. (read more) other links: Kaimin, Washington’s case,

Missoula still waiting for the DOJ findings from Year Old Probe

An alarming number of sexual assaults and the controversy concerning how they were investigated led to a Department of Justice probe into the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office, and the University of Montana. A year later, little has changed and there is still no information about the probe or how long it might continue. (read more) other links: MIM’s initial story, Investigation continues

UM Faculty and Students face Budget Cuts

Lower enrollment at the University of Montana is leading to cuts in the educational institution’s budget. While fewer students means less tuition money in the school’s budget, both the school’s faculty and students feel betrayed and humiliated by the way the cuts were announced. Students informed faculty members upon returning from Spring Break that their classes had been cut and in some cases would no longer be offered. (read more) other links: 8% cuts, severity

Literacy and Arts in Science Fiction to be Celebrated at MisCon Event

A four day festival for the Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy genre is being held again this Memorial Day weekend. There will be discussion panels on artwork, writing, films, gaming, and other areas of interest within the genres. Experts and celebrities from the science fiction and horror community will be in attendance as panelists, guests, and in other roles. (read more)

Boaters are able to Float the Clark Fork through Milltown Dam Site

For the first time in over a century western Montana river enthusiasts were able to float down the Clark Fork River from above Missoula through the old Milltown dam site. The event marked the end of the multi-million dollar environmental cleanup of the old dam site. Officials noted that the project was an example of how multiple government agencies can work together on a large project successfully. (read more)


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Tom Diddel has lived in Missoula on and off for nearly thirty-eight years. He enjoys skiing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. He holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Montana and is currently working as a Freelance Writer and a Para-Educator.