Mount Jumbo North Zone Re-Opens May 1

Fast Facts:

• All areas north of Mount Jumbo Saddle Road re-open to the public on Wednesday, May 1.

• Dogs must be under strict voice and sight control and may not chase or harass wildlife and livestock.

• Jumbo’s North Zone is accessible via the trailhead at Upper Lincoln Hills Drive.

Mount Jumbo’s North Zone, including the 3.8-mile North Loop, re-opens to public use on Wednesday, May 1. The North Zone includes all areas north of Jumbo’s Saddle Road. To protect wintering elk and mule deer, much of Mount Jumbo is closed to recreational use during winter months. The South Zone, including the Backbone Trail and trails near the “L”, re-opened on March 15. For a complete map of Mount Jumbo and all City open space, purchase the new Parks, Trails and Open Space map at Currents Aquatics Center for $4.

Dogs must be under strict voice and sight control on Mount Jumbo, except where otherwise posted. Pet owners are asked to respect conservation lands, adjacent private property, other park visitors and wildlife by controlling their dogs at all times and removing their pet’s waste. Pet owners may not allow their dogs to chase, attack or harass livestock grazing on City open space. Free Mutt Mitts and loaner leashes are provided at trailheads.

Three areas of Mount Jumbo are open all year: the U.S. West road above I-90, the trail to the “L,” and the road linking Upper Lincoln Hills Drive with Tamarack, including about 40 acres below. Dogs must be leashed on the “L” trail and U.S. West easement during the winter closure. For more information, call 721-PARK or visit the Parks and Recreation website at