MisCon Brings Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Gaming Fans Together Memorial Day Weekend

MISCON27 The ResistanceMissoula’s science fiction and fantasy convention, MisCon, brings author Jim Butcher (Dresden Files and Codex Alera); weapons specialist, prop master, and actor Dragon Dronet (True Blood, Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files); and fantasy artist Theresa Mather to Missoula May 24 – 27.

“This year we are also bringing in a guest publisher,” said convention organizer Justin Barba, “We selected Paizo. They publish Pathfinder role-playing games and novels and will be featured in MisCon writing and gaming panels.”

MisCon’s four-day celebration includes a wide array of programming for all ages, including a writer’s workshop, art exhibit and auction, tabletop gaming, costume contest, and panel discussions about topics within the sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming realms. Children’s programming is also available on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

This year’s theme is “The Resistance.” Attendees can (but don’t have to) dress as their favorite freedom-fighters at the convention. “If you have a great costume, resistance-themed or otherwise, you should enter the costume contest,” said volunteer Amy Farrington, “entering is free with admission to the convention, and is held on Saturday.”

MisCon is held at Ruby’s Inn and Convention Center, 4825 N. Reserve Street in Missoula. Admission is $40 for a four-day adult’s pass, or $15 for a four-day child’s pass. Day passes are also available.

View the convention schedule at www.miscon.org.