Brave: Redefining Hunting Camp


Hunting camp might have to be redefined! Thanks to Disney’s movie Brave, Strawberry Shortcake and TinkerBell have been putting the pressure on Mom and Dad pretty heavy that they want a horse and a bow and arrow “just like Brave” (they don’t call the main character by her name).

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit:Disney

Previously living in Seattle made it pretty easy to navigate around both of the items not being an option.  However, now that we reside in Missoula, Montana and are living in the country the excuses are no more. While a horse still is not an option (that is until they can muck the stalls themselves), a bow and arrow seemed more reasonable.

With Strawberry Shortcakes birthday right around the corner, a weekend at our Aunt J’s cabin seemed like a perfect time for some practice.  A quick trip to Sports Authority and the little ladies were all set!

The excitement and seriousness Strawberry Shortcake had every time she set her arrow only makes me think Dad might have to start a hunting camp where ladies are welcome to “bend it” like Brave!

Stawberry Shortcake…focused on thetarget.

Here are a couple of photos from our fun filled weekend that included fishing, enjoying fires, and target practice.

Wish I could remember the conversation that was taking place when this photo was taken!

Wish I could remember the conversation that was taking place when this photo wastaken!


TinkerBell imitating her catch.

TinkerBell imitating hercatch.



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