3 Most Important Things for Finding a Job

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Dear Missoula Job Seekers,

It is time for me to say goodbye. This is my final blog for the Missoula Job Service. Next month I’ll be packing up my belongings and heading out to meet my next adventure in Pullman, Washington. I wish you all the best and wanted to share with you some of the most important things I’ve learned while working at the Job Service.

In this modern world, you need computer skills to obtain most types of employment. Many individuals come into the Job Service declaring they are “computer illiterate” and that they miss the days when they could simply walk into a business and talk to the owner about their ability to perform the job. Those days, I am sorry to say, are gone. Most jobs nowadays require some knowledge of computers. Even jobs not typically associated with the Internet or Microsoft Office—like truck driving or working in a retail store—require an online application. You need to be able to navigate the Internet, upload documents, download documents, and find information online. This knowledge is vital to the modern job market. If you do need help learning these skills, check out the Missoula Public Library’s free classes.

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Almost every job we post requires some knowledge of computers.

The way you dress and present yourself says a great deal about you and your potential as an employee. We see hundreds of individuals each week at the Missoula Job Service. Some dress with obvious thought and take care of their bodies, hair, and breath. Others do not. I’ve seen people wearing pajamas with beer bottle designs, women with extremely low cut and revealing shirts, and noted that some people rarely (if ever) wash their hands. The way you treat yourself, I believe, is closely related to the way you will treat the responsibilities of your job. If you don’t take care of yourself, is it likely that you will take care of your employer’s property? And while this seems a no-brainer, I would encourage anyone looking for work to pay closer attention to the way you appear. Employers and the public do take note!

Kindness is always the best policy. Another thing I’ve noticed working at the Job Service is how much kindness matters. Being unemployed and looking for work often creates angst and anger, even for the calmest person. We understand the frustration of losing your means of support, of filing for unemployment, and the daily stress of trying to make ends meet while seeking a job. These pressures, however, do not give anyone carte blanche to treat others with disrespect. We are all human beings striving to do and be our best in this world with the tools we’ve been given. When you treat another individual with concern, when you are courteous, thankful, and kind, you nearly always receive the same treatment in return. Seneca states this succinctly: “Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.”

Thank you for your kindness to me, Missoula. May you prosper and grow!

With all my best,


Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey


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Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey of the Missoula Job ServiceJennifer Lodine-Chaffey was born in Missoula and received an MA in History from the University of Montana in 2006. She currently works as an Employment Consultant at the Missoula Job Service, an organization that offers programs and services to assist employers and job seekers alike. Those looking for employment can view job openings on our job board, website, and social media outlets. Employment Consultants provide résumé reviews, conduct practice interviews, and offer skills testing.

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