This Week’s Missoula News Highlights – Week of April 15


Missoula Race being held to help Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Missoula’s running community will host a race this coming Monday with all proceeds going to help the victims of the recent bombing in Boston. Run Wild Missoula is sponsoring the April 22 benefit which takes place at 6:30 pm. The fundraiser has a twenty dollar entrance fee which comes with a Tshirt for the 500 participants in the 2 and 4 mile courses. (read more) other links: Run Wild Missoula, Donate now

Senators, Baucus and Tester Split on Gun Vote

Wednesday’s vote on gun control and expanded background checks was defeated. The so called Manchin/Toomey amendment would have forced sellers at gun shows and on the internet to perform checks on all firearm purchasers. The defeat of the amendment saw Montana Senators going in different directions over the controversial issue, despite belonging to the same party. While Senator Max Baucus voted against the measure, Senator Jon Tester voted in favor of it. (read more) other links: Split vote

Missoula to host several High School Sports Tournaments

The 2014-2015 high school sports season might just culminate in Missoula for those in the right sport and able to reach the state tournament level. Missoula’s Dahlberg Arena will see the girl’s class C basketball tournament and the city will host the state AA softball tournament as well as the state swimming championship. The state AA softball tournament hasn’t been in the Garden City for nine years and Missoula has never hosted a state swimming meet. (read more) other links: MHSA, Destination Missoula

Maclay Bridge, Missoula, MT, All Rights Reserved.

Maclay Bridge. Photo by ©Mark Mesenko.

Missoula’s County Commissioners Vote to Replace Maclay Bridge

Despite overwhelming testimony against replacing the aging Maclay Bridge west of town, Wednesday night’s county commissioners meeting ended with the a 3-0 vote in favor of a plan to replace the bridge. The current plan calls for a new two lane which would span the Bitterroot River just upstream from the one lane bridge’s current location. (read more) other links: Maclay Bridge, Past MIM article

Man Convicted in Missoula Fatal DUI Crash Reports to Jail

`Brian Holm, convicted of vehicular homicide in the 2011 death of Brian Beaver, will finally begin serving his 15 year sentence. Holm’s sentence was postponed for 2 ½ years due to appeals and heart surgery. The victim and his friends were walking near the intersection of Paxson and Brooks streets when Holm drove up on the sidewalk and hit Beaver after falling asleep at the wheel and crossing several lanes of traffic. (read more) other links: Supreme Court ruling, Holm’s wanted license returned

Missoula Police Seek information on two Arsons

An arsonist kept Missoula firefighters busy last weekend putting out fires at both the Missoula Senior Citizen’s Center and the Boone and Crocket Club. Firefighters responded to the Missoula Senior Citizen’s Center where a fire was started in a wooden shack next to the center. A male suspect was also seen lighting flammable material next to an outside doorway of the Boone and Crocket Club. (read more) other links: Senior Citizen’s Center fire, Suspect pictures

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