Things To Do When You Are Bored at Work That Might Help Your Career

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Do you ever feel that you have nothing to do at work? Do you have moments when you’ve completed all of your daily tasks and sit at your desk staring out the window? Workplace ennui can strike anyone from time to time. Here is a list of things to do that just might help you overcome your boredom and help further your career:

  1. Seek additional assignments—I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but many individuals wait for their supervisors to provide them with work. Take the initiative! If you don’t have anything to do, ask your manager for extra projects.
  2. Learn new computer programs—If you have downtime, it is often a wise idea to refresh your knowledge of the computer programs you use daily. If your office uses a specific operating system, database, or software you are not familiar with, utilize your free time by taking tutorials or reading manuals about these programs. This knowledge may increase your value to your company.
  3. Reading a Book can help your career. Photo by Brendon Connelly via Flickr.Read books that help with your professional development—Reading books that pertain to your job can be beneficial. There are numerous helpful books on networking, leadership, and marketing that could help you reframe your thinking or develop innovative and new strategies for your workplace.
  4. Update your company’s social media page—Does your company have a Facebook page, a website, or a Pinterest account? Has it been updated recently? If not, take the initiative to make sure all the hyperlinks are functional, the phone numbers are correct, and the pictures are up to date. You could also create a new post or pin a unique picture that could generate business and interest in your company.
  5. Socialize with your co-workers—One of the best ways of having a cohesive work force is by building friendships and rapport between co-workers. Do you know Sally in cubicle Q? If not, perhaps this is a good opportunity to briefly drop by and learn a bit about her. Being friendly is usually the best policy in the work place.
  6. Update the company manual—If the company’s manual needs editing or hasn’t been updated in a while, ask your manager if you can work on it. Your company will appreciate your resourcefulness!

  7. Organize your desk—While this may seem like meaningless busy work, a clean desk is often the sign of an orderly and efficient worker. By keeping a tidy work area, you show that you take pride in your job. In addition, being organized will help you be more productive!

Imaginatively challenge yourself! With just a few creative ideas you can turn boredom into creativity.


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