Mount Jumbo South Zone Re-Opened March 15

To protect wintering elk and mule deer, much of Mount Jumbo is closed to recreational use during winter months. The Saddle Road and all points south of the road re-opened to the public on Friday, March 15.

The Saddle Road is located at the north end of Lincoln Hills Drive. The South Zone includes the Backbone Trail and trails near the “L.”

Hikers and cyclists are reminded to stay on trails; keep dogs under strict voice control or leashed and remove pet waste while enjoying Mount Jumbo.  Hikers should plan to walk through mud or ice on trails rather than widening the trail; off-trail use causes erosion, degrades the soil and crushes fragile wildflowers and native grasses.  Mutt Mitts and free loaner leashes are provided for pet owners at trailheads.

North Mount Jumbo (areas north of the Saddle Road) remains closed until May 1. In these areas, cow elk are seeking undisturbed refuge during the last few weeks before calving.

Three areas of Mount Jumbo are open all year: the U.S. West road above I-90, the trail to the “L,” and the road linking Upper Lincoln Hills Drive with Tamarack, including about 40 acres below. Dogs must be leashed on the “L” trail and U.S. West easement during the winter closure. Violations of the Mount Jumbo winter closure are punishable by fine. Please call 911 to report closure violations.

For more information, call 721-PARK or visit the Parks and Recreation website.